United Kingdom

United Kingdom

UK continue to be home of some the best institutes of higher education in the world. Some of the best universities of UK, like the Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Oxford University

Oxford is one of Europe’s most innovative and entrepreneurial universities. Drawing on an 800-year tradition of discovery and invention, modern Oxford leads the way in creating jobs, wealth, skills and innovation for the 21st century.

There is no clear date of foundation, but teaching existed at Oxford in some form in 1096 and developed rapidly from 1167, when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris.

Bedfordshire University www.beds.ac.uk
East London University ( UEL ) www.uel.ac.uk
London Metropolitan University www.londonmet.ac.uk
Leeds Metropolitan University www.leedsmet.ac.uk
University of Cental Lanchashire ( UCLAN ) www.uclan.ac.uk
Liverpool John Moores University www.ljmu.ac.uk
Sheffield Hallam University www.shu.ac.uk
Salford University www.salford.ac.uk ,
Hull University www.hull.ac.uk
Essex University www.essex.ac.uk
Glyndwr www.glyndwr.ac.uk
Anglia Ruskin University www.anglia.ac.uk
Huddersfield University www.hud.ac.uk
Glasgow University www.gla.ac.uk
Wales ( Bangor ) University www.bangor.ac.uk
Thames Valley University www.tvu.ac.uk
Robert Gordon University www.rgu.ac.uk
Bolton University www.bolton.ac.uk
Thames Valley University www.tvu.ac.uk
Greenwich University www.gre.ac.uk
Northumbria University www.northumbria.ac.uk
Teeside University www.tees.ac.uk
Glamorgan University www.glam.ac.uk
Wolverhampton University www.wlv.ac.uk
Worcestor University www.worcester.ac.uk
New Castle University www.ncl.ac.uk
Nottingam univ www.nottingham.ac.uk
University of Liecester www.le.ac.uk
University of East Anglia www.uea.ac.uk
University of Aberty Dundee www.abertay.ac.uk
University of Bradford www.bradford.ac.uk
University of Stirling www.external.stir.ac.uk
University of Wales New port www.lsbu.ac.uk
London South Bank University www.lsbu.ac.uk
Sussex University www.sussex.ac.uk